Jonah Frame


The vector frame is made from solid wood case with a contemporary, angular profile measuring 13.5" by 19.25" and 0.5” deep. A polished frame with glass gives the moulding rich color and a smooth finish. Comes with wall hanging hardware.


In a deep Blue Sea on a merchant ship were a few sailors and a fugitive called Jonah. Nobody in that ship knew who he was and what he was running from. Very soon they would find out! 
God had commissioned him to reach out with the message of forgiveness to a race of people who were arch enemies of Jonah’s nation. All they had to do was believe, repent and turn from their sins. Jonah thought this race doesn’t deserve this good news of forgiveness, and certainly not from him. Jonah resented any mercy being extended to the unforgivable race of ruthless people. He wanted them to be judged. So he took off in the opposite direction. Interestingly enough, he thought that only he deserves God’s mercy. But God had a lesson prepared for him. The perfect storm raged and Jonah is cast away into the sea only to be swallowed by a sea monster. 
It was God’s perfect plan to teach Jonah about God’s mercy for all people in this world and to expose Jonah’s own wickedness. In the belly of the sea monster, Jonah comes to his senses unfortunately only to soon forget his hard learnt lesson. Isn’t it great that God is not like Jonah (or like us) and extends his mercy to all people regardless of our background and our sinful history? All we need to do is believe, repent and turn from our sins. 

Illustrated by Pawan Pathak

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