Samson Frame


The vector frame is made from solid wood case with a contemporary, angular profile measuring 13.5" by 19.25" and 0.5” deep. A polished frame with glass gives the moulding rich color and a smooth finish. Comes with wall hanging hardware.


Samson was chosen before his birth to save his nation to deliver them from slavery. God empowered him to be weapon of mass destruction unto the enemies of God’s people. His heart knew no fear. His brazen raids into the enemy territories would be considered sheer foolhardy by any military standards. He would single handedly decimate hundreds with ease unknown to most warriors. 
But sadly he forgot his calling, forgot that he was empowered for a specific purpose and he had a mission: to honour God and to live for God. Instead he turned out to be more of a rogue than a model to be followed. He did what was right in his eyes, spurned the advice of his elders, followed the dreams of his heart, and fulfilled his desires. Lust got the better of him. And he paid the price for his indulgences. He ended up as a helpless captive of his enemies. 
Although in his lifetime Samson turned his back on his one true God who was the source of his courage and strength. God remained faithful to him and granted him an end that vindicated his name. Because of his renewed trust in God in his last moments his name is included among the league of men who are considered to be “Men of Faith.” What a faithful God who forgives our past and uses unlikely men to accomplish his purposes. He can turn your life around in spite of all failures and all the mess!

Illustration by Pawan Pathak

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