David Frame


The vector frame is made from solid wood case with a contemporary, angular profile measuring 13.5" by 19.25" and 0.5” deep. A polished frame with glass gives the moulding rich color and a smooth finish. Comes with wall hanging hardware.

This is a true story about a young boy and his city which is under siege from a marauding army of ruthless, dangerous warriors. The enemy is at the gates of their city and challenges the whole nation to send one of their bravest and the best fighters for a one on one combat with the best fighter of the invading army. 
This ferocious fighter whose name is Goliath is a giant man, who has never been defeated in combat. No one volunteers to fight this giant, the risk is too much, and the whole nation and its freedom are at stake. When certain defeat was going to be the fate of this city, a young shepherd boy named David decides to risk it all and stand up to this giant. 
This shocks everyone because he has no experience of war and has no proper weapons let alone any knowledge of combat or warfare. But David knows that His God is on his side and he will empower him to fight this fight. He stands up to this giant and his army not in his own strength but in God’s power because they had ridiculed his God by mocking his people. He fights for the honour of his God’s name, for his God’s people and against all odds, because of God’s strength this young man slays this giant and the enemy army is put to flight. An unexpected turnout because God enabled David to fight the good fight!

Illustrated by Pawan Pathak

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